Bio-Nano-Photonics 18-19th September

Monday 18th September

Registration and coffee 9:30 - 10:15

Session: Nanophotonics I


“Bio-Applications of Optothermal and Optomechanical Interactions” Jochen Feldmann (Keynote), LMU Munich, Germany


“Lack of Colocalisation for Fluorescently Labelled Gold Labels Used in Correlative Light Electron MicroscopyHenkjan Gersen (Contributed), University of Bristol UK  


“Wide-field imaging of single nanoparticle extinction with sub-nm2 sensitivity” Lukas Payne (Contributed), Cardiff University UK 


“DHLA-PEG capped PbS quantum dots for near-infrared biomedical imaging: addressing colloidal stability and biocompatibility” Lyudmila Turyanska (Contributed), University of Nottingham UK 


12:00 -13:30 lunch buffet and posters 


Session: Biophotonics I


“New Directions in Light Sheet Microscopy” Kishan Dholakia (Invited), University of St Andrews UK


“The Mesolens: a giant colour-corrected microscope objective lens for sub-cellular 3D resolution imaging within 118 cubic millimetres of tissueGail McConnell (Invited), University of Strathclyde UK

14:30- 14:45 

“High-resolution soft X-ray coherent lensless microscopy of mouse hippocampal neurons using a laser-based source” Bill Brocklesby (Contributed), University of Southampton UK


“Quantitative imaging of amyloid-lipid co-arrangements in Aβ plaques with label-free optical micro-spectroscopy in Alzheimer's disease: new biomarkers in diagnosis” Evgenia Lobanova (Contributed), Cardiff University UK


15:00-15:30 Coffee


Session: Biophotonics II 


"Exploring the Applications of Biophotonic Imaging in Pharmaceutical R&D" Steve Hood (Invited), GSK Medicines Research Centre, Stevenage UK


“Quantification of the functional delivery of peptide cargo utilising split GFP” Peter Watson (Contributed), Cardiff University


“Probing gene control in live cells using high-speed single-molecule fluorescence microscopy ” Mark Leake (Invited), University of York UK


“DNA-PAINT in tissue samples and use of fluorescence quenchers for rapid imager switching” Tobias Lutz (Contributed), University of Exeter UK


Conference Dinner 19:00


Tuesday 19th September

9:00-9:30 Registration

Session: Biophotonics III


“Liquid Tuneable Microscopy” Alberto Diaspro (Keynote), Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia Italy

10:30- 10:45  

“Light sheet microscopy for high content 3-D imaging of 3-D tissue cultures in a 96-well plate format” Hugh Sparks (Contributed), Imperial College London UK

10:45 -11:00 

“Fast Multi-plane Functional Imaging via Acousto-optic Switching and Remote Focusing Integration” Ee Zhuan Chong (Contributed), University of Oxford UK


11:00:11:30 coffee


Session: Biophotonics IV


“Quantitative Coherent Raman Imaging” Wolfgang Langbein (Invited), Cardiff University UK


“Detecting Single Biomolecules and their Dynamics on Photonic Nanosensors” Frank Vollmer (Invited), University of Exeter UK


“Mass spectrometry of single molecules with light” Philipp Kukura (Invited), University of Oxford UK


13:00-14:30 lunch buffet and posters


Session: Nanophotonics II


“Nanoparticles and nanoantennas for applications in bio-nanophotonics” Otto L. Muskens (Invited), University of Southampton UK


“Plasmonics response of a single metal nanoparticle” Fabrice Vallée (Invited), Universite de Lyon France


"Merging nanoscale epitaxy and plasmonics for new device functionality" Diana Huffaker (Keynote), Institute for Compound Semiconductors, Cardiff UK


“Quantitative measurement of the optical cross-sections and optical sizing of individual nano-objects” Attilio Zilli (Contributed), Cardiff University UK


“Resonant-state expansion for light scattering by dielectric and plasmonic open systems” Sergey Lobanov (Contributed), Cardiff University UK


16:30-17:00 Coffee


17:00-17:15 Poster prize and conference closure